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The risk of a US recession 2024 has been mitigated said by JP Morgan : Top midcap IT stocks to buy

In JP Morgan Asset Management's 2024 economic outlook and market analysis highlighted by news agency ANI, the prevailing outlook leans towards a transition to a soft landing rather than an imminent recession. ANI reports insights from JP Morgan Asset Management's Chief Investment Officer, Michael Cembalest, who underscores the current economic landscape and market trends for 2024

The risk of a US recession 2024 has been mitigated said by JP Morgan : Top midcap IT stocks to buy

Important signs show that the US might not grow as fast as before, but Cembalest thinks this means things might slow down a bit, not crash suddenly, ANI says. Even though people are talking about a possible economic crash in 2024, Cembalest believes that if it happens, it won't be severe.

This is because the Federal Reserve is working to make sure banks have a lot of money available.

ANI highlights Cembalest's observations that despite the uptick in Fed policy rates, the risk of a recession has been lessened by factors such as robust cash flow in the corporate sector, extended debt maturities, and ongoing support from the Fed in terms of liquidity. However, Cembalest also advises caution, noting the historical pattern wherein recessions typically manifest several quarters following the initial Fed rate hike.


Firstsource Solutions Ltd

  • Market Cap12,966 Cr.

  • High / Low193 / 101

  • Stock P/E 23.5

Zensar Technologies Ltd

  • Market Cap13,397 Cr.

  • High / Low644 / 205

  • Stock P/E 25.5

Tanla Platforms Ltd

  • Market Cap14,909 Cr.

  • High / Low1,318 / 493

  • Stock P/E 29.0

Route Mobile Ltd

  • Market Cap10,516 Cr.

  • High / Low1,760 / 1,131

  • Stock P/E 28.9

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