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Sunday Analysis : Tata Power's Comprehensive Investment Strategy Towards Renewable Energy

Tata Power Co. has set itself ambitious renewable energy goals, aiming to achieve 15 gigawatts of renewable power generation by FY27 and further escalating to 20 gigawatts by 2030, accounting for 70% of its total power output from clean energy sources. Presently, the company operates with a total capacity of 14.38 gigawatts, with thermal energy constituting over a third of this capacity.

The Tata Group subsidiary is steadfast in its vision to become a 100% non-fossil fuel power generation entity by 2045. This strategic shift will be facilitated as Tata Power gradually phases out its thermal power plants as their purchase agreements reach expiration.

Tata Power's Comprehensive Investment Strategy Towards Renewable Energy

In pursuit of its FY27 objectives, Tata Power plans to invest Rs 60,000 crore in expanding its renewable capacity. Notably, a significant portion of this investment, amounting to Rs 13,000 crore, will be directed towards the development of two pump hydro projects situated at Bhivpuri and Shirawta near Pune. These projects are expected to contribute a substantial 2,800 megawatts to Tata Power's renewable energy portfolio.

As of H1FY24, the company possesses a diverse energy capacity totaling 14,381 megawatts, distributed across various sources. This includes 8,860 megawatts from Thermal, 1,007 megawatts from Wind, 880 megawatts from Hydro, 443 megawatts from Waste Heat Recovery/BFG, 3,191 megawatts from Solar, and an additional 3,760 megawatts of Renewable capacity currently under construction.

Additionally, the company has established more than 4,900 Public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points spread across 442 cities and towns. Its manufacturing capacity stands at approximately 4.9 gigawatts, which includes 4.3 gigawatts each of Cell & Module manufacturing, currently operational or under construction.

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